Month: September 2013

Is zombies getting to hard on Call of Duty?

I am sort of new when it comes to “Call of Duty” zombies, I started playing zombies in COD (Call of Duty) black ops one. I enjoyed it very much, and I have great memory’s just meeting new people by playing a round of zombies, that is probably the way I met most of my friends on Xbox. I think that COD black ops 2 zombies is getting to hard because it takes a good amount of time to set up a good play through. Like in the new map “Origins” the player has to turn on six generators just to start up the pack-o-punch machine, also not to mention the ton of doors the player has to buy to get to them. By the time all of this is done it is round 10, and the player has spent most likely 9-15 minutes playing. After all of that the player has everything unlocked and can finally enjoy the map the right way. I’m not saying its bad or anything, its just really time consuming, especially when I unlock everything and everyone on the team dies, that is one of the worst feelings ever. The only option is just to restart the level, everything just takes to long. I remember when I played the old COD zombies maps it was all about just defending one room for awhile, and make sure that you have an assigned window. Then move to the mystery box and camp there, run to jug later and hope that you don’t get down. That was mostly it, just hanging out and shooting. It was simple, there were Easter eggs but not big ones that take hours to complete. I like doing the big Easter eggs some times, but not all the time. I think that in the new COD zombies they should put both types of levels, levels to kick back and hangout, and those really hard levels to do on occasion.