Month: October 2013

Am I Getting The New Call Of Duty?

I have been playing COD for about five years now. It is kind of a norm to expect a new call of duty every year. I have nothing bad to say about the game, but I do not think that I am going to get it this year. It is kind of getting boring, just because I play it so much. My friend tells me it’s a copy and paste game which means that they copy the last game that was made and added a little more to it. I do not agree with him that much because you can only do so much with a first person shooter.  The people that say they hate the game are dumb because they don’t stop playing it. The game is all around fun, but I just played it too much. That does not mean that I will not get it later, but as of right now I’m not.


Video Game Money

Video games cost so much money now a days. I got laid off a while ago, and I am not going to be able to get none of the new consoles. I really want the ps4, because it is cheaper. I am holding myself back from buying new games because I want them for the next gen consoles. The only reason I think that cause if I’m playing the games on the old gen in the back of my head I’m going to have this little voices saying that there is a better version out there. I do not like that, so I am going to have to wait. Which that means I have to get a job that also means I will have to save money. I really want to play assassins creed 4, mostly because I like pirates. That will probably be the first game I get for the PS4.

Can Not Get Off GTA 5

The day that I got online playing Grand Theft Auto 5 had me hooked. Of course I had to wait a while to play it because of the problem they had launching online. I would wait for the small chance to get online to just to try and play the game. The hard part was getting the tutorial done with, but when that was done it got a little easier to get online. My first impressions on playing the game is great all I do is random activities in the massive GTA world. I think that any game were you can steal a truck, and take some bikes to put in the truck and drive to the tallest mountain in the game and then ride the bikes down the mountain is just a great day in my book. The only thing I wish is that I played more missions before they patch the restart button and lowered the money for some missions.