Month: December 2013

The hope I have for Bungie’s Destiny game

Mostly everyone knows that Bungie created the “Halo series”. Currently they have been working on a game called “Destiny” witch like “Halo” is a sci-fi. I’ve seen a lot of videos of Destiny and I got to say it has a lot to live up to. I think it looks beautiful, but at the same time it reminds me of halo. The developers really wrap their heads together to form this idea of a massive multiplayer game. One of the coolest things I notice about the game was how easy it was to join people while playing. Something interesting they did was have classes for the characters people create like stealth, tank, etc. I would prefer to use the tank class because it is harder to take down. The game comes out early next year, and I will probably end up getting it just out of respect from the “Halo” games.


You Tube Commentators

You Tube commentators are changing the world in my opinion. You Tube commentators
are mostly people that play video games on You Tube, and talk over it. When it
comes down to it people just want to feel good, and I believe that commentators
bring that to the table. I listen to so many interviews with commentator, and
the fans are nothing but nice to them. Everybody always says the same thing
about them, and that is that commentators make them feel good. At the end of
the day that is really all that matters if it makes people’s day better. I always
wanted to be one, but the equipment is just too much money, and I do not know if I
had the time. The most subscribed person on You Tube is a video game commentator,
his channel’s name is “PewDiePie”. That channel is not really my taste, but that’s
not the point. The point is that this is a new form of entertainment that
people can enjoy, and also a place that people pick for their likeness. Since
its You Tube they can always watch what they want. Maybe next year I will make
a game channel I think it would be pretty fun.

“Too Far Gone”

Today was the mid-season finally for the “Walking Dead” the episode “Too Far Gone”. I feel very grateful to live in a time were TV shows like this could exist. I had watch this episode in aw because it was just that amazing. I feel like this is the way season three should have ended. In this blog I don’t really want to talk about what happens because I do not want to spoil it for anybody. I will say this episode had tanks, zombies, and a whole lot of fire arms in between what else could you ask for. I’ve notices that this show really gets the audience involved by making everyone attached to the characters. I got to say if you have not watch this show its time to do it now because it is better than ever.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Over the past week I’ve played the new Batman game “Batman Arkham Origins”. I got to say I cannot pull myself away from that game.  As soon as I beat the game I just restarted the campaign, and play for hours to come. This is the third Arkham game for the Batman series. “Batman Arkham Origins” is a prequel to all the other games. In the game a mob leader named Black Mask puts a huge bounty on Batman’s head, and it attracts the attention of eight assassins which are known though out the DC universe. For a game running on old gen graphics it looks beautiful. One of my favorite things about the game is the fighting. It is so smooth, and fluent, and yet it seems so real. In the game the player can really fill the punches connect to the enemies.  If you’re looking for a good gift to give someone this holiday season this is the perfect thing to give.