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First Impressions of Battlefield Hard Line “Beta”

Published by Electronic Arts Battlefield Hard Line was brought on by a new developer “Visceral Games”, and they are faced with the challenge by pleasing hardcore Battlefield fans this fall. The game is still in beta, but it plays amazing. It fills like Battlefield with a different setting. The game is focused around cops, and robbers, making it different from the average shooter with a military background. Focusing the game on cops, and robber puts the game at risk with fans not enjoying the changes, but in order to truly make a game that stands out companies have to take risk like this.
The beta only includes one multiplayer map called High Tension with two new game modes: Heist and Blood Money.
The game sounds spectacular, from the moment the player enters the game they are surrounded with calm everyday noise coming from the city. Short after that rare moment of silences comes devastation. The sounds of explosions, and gun fire will hit the player at an alarming rate making it fill like there in a real life battle. Audio directors Paul Gorman, and Andrew Boyd really know what they’re doing when it comes to Battlefield. The game ranges in a variety of weapons with high quality sounds bursting within them.
Depending on where the player is, the frequency of sound given from the enemy can pinpoint the position of their location almost anywhere on the map. The players in the game have accurate dialogue depending on the action that they are doing. Let’s say if the player is running out of ammo the dialogue will kick in to inform players around that he needs ammo. The music in the multiplayer starts to fade in towards the end of the match, to warn people that the match is almost over. This feature is definitely helpful when it comes to inspiration, the players have a burst of energy making sure they finish the match strong.

Battlefield Hardline looks beautiful with its next gen graphics. The team at “Visceral games” and creative Director Ian Milham has added some unique concepts to the game. Battlefield Hardline has added some new gadgets to the game like zip lines. Players are now able to zip line from skyscrapers. Between the muzzle flashes from the gun, and a helicopters exploding in the air, this game shows realistic graphics. Each character’s facial expression interacts with actions going on around them. If a player’s character is seen shooting in the game their face lights up with a powerful emotion. Little details like that makes the game go above and beyond from other games out there.
The map in the beta (High Tension) features a game changing element that alters the map almost completely. Players have the option to destroy a crane in the middle of the map at any given time. This results into a significant change to the game as player will have to doge debris while rushing through clouds of dust particles. As the dust clears players are shown a new environment to continue the match in.
Although this is just a beta review, the game plays like a complete product. Be sure to check out Battlefield Hardline this fall on Oct. 21.

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Dead Rising 3

            Dead Rising 3 came out in 2013, and it was a day one release for the Xbox One. I thought the game was pretty good. The main character in the game is Nick Ramos a young mechanic and the game takes place in a city called Los Perdidos. If you never played a Dead Rising game you’re missing out on killing some zombies. The story of the game is alright, but it is a story that everyone could guess. There is a zombie outbreak in the city, and Nick with the help of some other characters  have to get out of the city, that is pretty much it. Of course there is some story in between, but the whole point of the game is just killing zombies. The game play is the best part of the game; there are so many weapons to choose from while playing. At one point in the game I completely forgot that I was even playing a story. In the game Nick can combine almost any weapon to create combo weapons. This game is truly an endless amount of fun. The power of a next gen game console can allow a ton of zombies on the screen all at once, and have the game still running smooth. Now that the game has been out for a while it is kind of dying down a bit in the media. It is defiantly going to be an Xbox One classic though in due time. I’m not trying to say that it is a must have, but if you are someone trying to just kick back and relaxed, this game is for you.

The hope I have for Bungie’s Destiny game

Mostly everyone knows that Bungie created the “Halo series”. Currently they have been working on a game called “Destiny” witch like “Halo” is a sci-fi. I’ve seen a lot of videos of Destiny and I got to say it has a lot to live up to. I think it looks beautiful, but at the same time it reminds me of halo. The developers really wrap their heads together to form this idea of a massive multiplayer game. One of the coolest things I notice about the game was how easy it was to join people while playing. Something interesting they did was have classes for the characters people create like stealth, tank, etc. I would prefer to use the tank class because it is harder to take down. The game comes out early next year, and I will probably end up getting it just out of respect from the “Halo” games.

My Experiences with the Xbox One

I went out with a buddy of to go get the Xbox One at mid night. I got to say that it was heavy, did not expect that. First thing I did when I opened the box was hold the controller. It was really light, and it felt perfect with my hands. That kept me entertained while waiting for the update get done. When all things were done with the update my friend had to set all of his setting for the Xbox. We had a problem installing a game. When we would try to install it, it would just stay at 0%, and would not move. To fix the problem we turned the internet off, and it started installing. Took forever to install, but we got to download the campaign first which did not take long. Battle field 4 looked beautiful, and it just played so smooth on the Xbox one. I liked it, and I can’t wait to get one myself. With every new release there are hiccups, you just have to wait it out.

Am I Getting The New Call Of Duty?

I have been playing COD for about five years now. It is kind of a norm to expect a new call of duty every year. I have nothing bad to say about the game, but I do not think that I am going to get it this year. It is kind of getting boring, just because I play it so much. My friend tells me it’s a copy and paste game which means that they copy the last game that was made and added a little more to it. I do not agree with him that much because you can only do so much with a first person shooter.  The people that say they hate the game are dumb because they don’t stop playing it. The game is all around fun, but I just played it too much. That does not mean that I will not get it later, but as of right now I’m not.

Can Not Get Off GTA 5

The day that I got online playing Grand Theft Auto 5 had me hooked. Of course I had to wait a while to play it because of the problem they had launching online. I would wait for the small chance to get online to just to try and play the game. The hard part was getting the tutorial done with, but when that was done it got a little easier to get online. My first impressions on playing the game is great all I do is random activities in the massive GTA world. I think that any game were you can steal a truck, and take some bikes to put in the truck and drive to the tallest mountain in the game and then ride the bikes down the mountain is just a great day in my book. The only thing I wish is that I played more missions before they patch the restart button and lowered the money for some missions.

Is zombies getting to hard on Call of Duty?

I am sort of new when it comes to “Call of Duty” zombies, I started playing zombies in COD (Call of Duty) black ops one. I enjoyed it very much, and I have great memory’s just meeting new people by playing a round of zombies, that is probably the way I met most of my friends on Xbox. I think that COD black ops 2 zombies is getting to hard because it takes a good amount of time to set up a good play through. Like in the new map “Origins” the player has to turn on six generators just to start up the pack-o-punch machine, also not to mention the ton of doors the player has to buy to get to them. By the time all of this is done it is round 10, and the player has spent most likely 9-15 minutes playing. After all of that the player has everything unlocked and can finally enjoy the map the right way. I’m not saying its bad or anything, its just really time consuming, especially when I unlock everything and everyone on the team dies, that is one of the worst feelings ever. The only option is just to restart the level, everything just takes to long. I remember when I played the old COD zombies maps it was all about just defending one room for awhile, and make sure that you have an assigned window. Then move to the mystery box and camp there, run to jug later and hope that you don’t get down. That was mostly it, just hanging out and shooting. It was simple, there were Easter eggs but not big ones that take hours to complete. I like doing the big Easter eggs some times, but not all the time. I think that in the new COD zombies they should put both types of levels, levels to kick back and hangout, and those really hard levels to do on occasion.