Interview with You Tube’s Swoozie

Local You Tube vlogger Adande Thorne aka ( Swoozie ) hits 2 million subscribers.

Swoozie resides in Orlando, FL, which is where he started his profession gaming career in CGS (Championship Gaming Series North American League) where they paid him to fly around the county and play videogames to compete for $10, 000. At that time he was still working for the “Hard Rock Café”, and people kept coming up to him asking all these questions on how his job works with CGS. To resolve this problem Swoozie decided to make a You Tube channel to tell people what he has been up in his life.

Swoozie had no idea that his channel would blow up this big from starting with only 55 subscribers his first year on You Tube to now having his own panel’s at “Playlist Live” in Orlando, FL. In an interview with Swoozie at Playlist Live he has given some tips on how to create a successful You Tube channel. ImageOne would have to create a video that stands out from the rest, something no one’s has ever seen before. Another important thing when it comes to making a You Tube video is have a colorful thumb nail, having that really catches the viewer’s eyes towards clicking that video. Video editing is just as important as developing content, having the right editing software helps the video develop into a master piece. Swoozie edits on “Final Cut Express” which is $199, if committed one could make a successful career with a You Tube channel.

The next event Swoozie is going to attend is Evo which is a gaming competition held in Las Vegas. The game he’ll be playing there is “Killer Instinct”, a fighting game on the Xbox One. In an interview with Swoozie he was ask on what gaming console he preferred he said “I mean the thing is, I’m a gamer. So a lot of people now like to segregate the whole thing, the thing is were all gamers, and it doesn’t matter if we play on Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, PC, were all on the same team”. Strong words from a You Tube vlogger can go a long way, and this hate that gamers have with each other is just plain dumb.

Swoozie started one of the first let’s play channels called “Press Start” with You Tube vlogger Michelle Phan. That helped his personal channel get a lot of traffic. Adande never thought that his little You Tube channel could turn into this huge media outlet. Now he is making a living doing what he loves, and that is whatever he wants it to be. One day he could be telling a story about his past than post it on You Tube, or another day he could be playing video games for money. It just goes to show with You Tube anyone could make a living doing anything they want with a loyal subscriber base.

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Interview: Todd Miller Blog # 3


Interviewer: Chris Valdez

Person I’m interviewing: Todd Miller(Director)

Hook: Film was in Sun dance

Theses: I want to see how hard it was for him to make a movie about a fossil and also I want to see just how hard it was to just make a movie in general.

The director of “Dinosaur 13” Todd Miller has submitted his film to Sundance, and the reviews are great. The movie “Dinosaur 13” is about the discovery of the 13th T-Rex ever discovered. The thing that is most interesting about that T-Rex is that it is the most completed T-Rex discovered. Of course all movies have it challenges, but small or big this T-Rex wasn’t going down without a fight.  Let’s see what it takes tom make a movie to get into Sundance.


  1. Can you spell your full name please?
  2. May I recorded this interview?
  3. What kind of film is it?
  4. Have you always liked dinosaurs?
  5. Any regrets in making the film?
  6. Was there a lot of traveling in the movie?
  7. Was there any restrictions on what you could film?
  8. Is this your first year at Sundance?
  9. Have any future projects?
  10. If so what is the title of the current project you are working on.