Dinosaur Sundance Film

Interview: Todd Miller Blog # 3


Interviewer: Chris Valdez

Person I’m interviewing: Todd Miller(Director)

Hook: Film was in Sun dance

Theses: I want to see how hard it was for him to make a movie about a fossil and also I want to see just how hard it was to just make a movie in general.

The director of “Dinosaur 13” Todd Miller has submitted his film to Sundance, and the reviews are great. The movie “Dinosaur 13” is about the discovery of the 13th T-Rex ever discovered. The thing that is most interesting about that T-Rex is that it is the most completed T-Rex discovered. Of course all movies have it challenges, but small or big this T-Rex wasn’t going down without a fight.  Let’s see what it takes tom make a movie to get into Sundance.


  1. Can you spell your full name please?
  2. May I recorded this interview?
  3. What kind of film is it?
  4. Have you always liked dinosaurs?
  5. Any regrets in making the film?
  6. Was there a lot of traveling in the movie?
  7. Was there any restrictions on what you could film?
  8. Is this your first year at Sundance?
  9. Have any future projects?
  10. If so what is the title of the current project you are working on.