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First Impressions of Battlefield Hard Line “Beta”

Published by Electronic Arts Battlefield Hard Line was brought on by a new developer “Visceral Games”, and they are faced with the challenge by pleasing hardcore Battlefield fans this fall. The game is still in beta, but it plays amazing. It fills like Battlefield with a different setting. The game is focused around cops, and robbers, making it different from the average shooter with a military background. Focusing the game on cops, and robber puts the game at risk with fans not enjoying the changes, but in order to truly make a game that stands out companies have to take risk like this.
The beta only includes one multiplayer map called High Tension with two new game modes: Heist and Blood Money.
The game sounds spectacular, from the moment the player enters the game they are surrounded with calm everyday noise coming from the city. Short after that rare moment of silences comes devastation. The sounds of explosions, and gun fire will hit the player at an alarming rate making it fill like there in a real life battle. Audio directors Paul Gorman, and Andrew Boyd really know what they’re doing when it comes to Battlefield. The game ranges in a variety of weapons with high quality sounds bursting within them.
Depending on where the player is, the frequency of sound given from the enemy can pinpoint the position of their location almost anywhere on the map. The players in the game have accurate dialogue depending on the action that they are doing. Let’s say if the player is running out of ammo the dialogue will kick in to inform players around that he needs ammo. The music in the multiplayer starts to fade in towards the end of the match, to warn people that the match is almost over. This feature is definitely helpful when it comes to inspiration, the players have a burst of energy making sure they finish the match strong.

Battlefield Hardline looks beautiful with its next gen graphics. The team at “Visceral games” and creative Director Ian Milham has added some unique concepts to the game. Battlefield Hardline has added some new gadgets to the game like zip lines. Players are now able to zip line from skyscrapers. Between the muzzle flashes from the gun, and a helicopters exploding in the air, this game shows realistic graphics. Each character’s facial expression interacts with actions going on around them. If a player’s character is seen shooting in the game their face lights up with a powerful emotion. Little details like that makes the game go above and beyond from other games out there.
The map in the beta (High Tension) features a game changing element that alters the map almost completely. Players have the option to destroy a crane in the middle of the map at any given time. This results into a significant change to the game as player will have to doge debris while rushing through clouds of dust particles. As the dust clears players are shown a new environment to continue the match in.
Although this is just a beta review, the game plays like a complete product. Be sure to check out Battlefield Hardline this fall on Oct. 21.

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Game Review: South Park the Stick of Truth

If you are a fan of South Park you are going to fall in love with this game. South Park the Stick of Truth was released on March 4th. The game was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and was heavily watch over by South Park creators Matt Stone, and Trey Parker. The creators of South Park had a problem coming up with a release date for the game, because they felt like the game has to be perfect, so they were not going to release it till it was done. It was very well worth it too, the game is filled with amazing material. The story is what anyone could expect from South Park, and that is lots of toilet humor which is not a bad thing. South Park is known for its out rages humor, but going into the game knowing what to expect the player is in for a great night of laughs.

Photo owned by: http://xboxave.comThe story takes place in the town of South Park, and the main character in the game is the new kid he never really gets a real name. The new kid stumbles across the show’s most iconic characters Cartmen, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny while they are role playing a medieval quest about a holy object named the Stick of Truth. Whoever controls the stick controls the universe, which is said many times throughout the game. The whole game is the neighborhood kids playing make believe in Cartmen’s backyard, and from there the story unfolds. The games does a great job using cameos from previous old season of the show, even characters favorites like Mr. Hanky, and Professor Chaos. Throughout playing the campaign the player will expect to run into South Park’s standard well written comedy, with superb animations. The game looks just like an episode of South Park. In the game the player will feel like they are playing the show. The entire game is on a huge free roam map, the player can literally walk where ever they want in the game. It is pretty cool to actually go explore the show and visit well known land marks, like Cartmen house, or Al Gore’s secret base for the capture of the Man Bear Pig. The gameplay fighting style is turn base, which means everyone takes turns attacking.

Photo owned by: http://www.gamewpp.comIt is very easy to level up in the game, and there are items throughout the game to help in prove your charters fighting. The game is made to look poorly done,  at the same time that makes the game look great. The story base in South Park is filled with wild wacky stories, and to just have a chance to play, and experience these stories is just a thrill. If you are looking for a game with countless amount of hours of comedy South Park the Stick of Truth will be perfect to play, but keep in mind this game is not meant for everybody, and it takes quite a bit of an open mind to fully enjoy it.