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Game Review: South Park the Stick of Truth

If you are a fan of South Park you are going to fall in love with this game. South Park the Stick of Truth was released on March 4th. The game was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and was heavily watch over by South Park creators Matt Stone, and Trey Parker. The creators of South Park had a problem coming up with a release date for the game, because they felt like the game has to be perfect, so they were not going to release it till it was done. It was very well worth it too, the game is filled with amazing material. The story is what anyone could expect from South Park, and that is lots of toilet humor which is not a bad thing. South Park is known for its out rages humor, but going into the game knowing what to expect the player is in for a great night of laughs.

Photo owned by: http://xboxave.comThe story takes place in the town of South Park, and the main character in the game is the new kid he never really gets a real name. The new kid stumbles across the show’s most iconic characters Cartmen, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny while they are role playing a medieval quest about a holy object named the Stick of Truth. Whoever controls the stick controls the universe, which is said many times throughout the game. The whole game is the neighborhood kids playing make believe in Cartmen’s backyard, and from there the story unfolds. The games does a great job using cameos from previous old season of the show, even characters favorites like Mr. Hanky, and Professor Chaos. Throughout playing the campaign the player will expect to run into South Park’s standard well written comedy, with superb animations. The game looks just like an episode of South Park. In the game the player will feel like they are playing the show. The entire game is on a huge free roam map, the player can literally walk where ever they want in the game. It is pretty cool to actually go explore the show and visit well known land marks, like Cartmen house, or Al Gore’s secret base for the capture of the Man Bear Pig. The gameplay fighting style is turn base, which means everyone takes turns attacking.

Photo owned by: http://www.gamewpp.comIt is very easy to level up in the game, and there are items throughout the game to help in prove your charters fighting. The game is made to look poorly done,  at the same time that makes the game look great. The story base in South Park is filled with wild wacky stories, and to just have a chance to play, and experience these stories is just a thrill. If you are looking for a game with countless amount of hours of comedy South Park the Stick of Truth will be perfect to play, but keep in mind this game is not meant for everybody, and it takes quite a bit of an open mind to fully enjoy it.


Batman: Arkham Origins

Over the past week I’ve played the new Batman game “Batman Arkham Origins”. I got to say I cannot pull myself away from that game.  As soon as I beat the game I just restarted the campaign, and play for hours to come. This is the third Arkham game for the Batman series. “Batman Arkham Origins” is a prequel to all the other games. In the game a mob leader named Black Mask puts a huge bounty on Batman’s head, and it attracts the attention of eight assassins which are known though out the DC universe. For a game running on old gen graphics it looks beautiful. One of my favorite things about the game is the fighting. It is so smooth, and fluent, and yet it seems so real. In the game the player can really fill the punches connect to the enemies.  If you’re looking for a good gift to give someone this holiday season this is the perfect thing to give.

Am I Getting The New Call Of Duty?

I have been playing COD for about five years now. It is kind of a norm to expect a new call of duty every year. I have nothing bad to say about the game, but I do not think that I am going to get it this year. It is kind of getting boring, just because I play it so much. My friend tells me it’s a copy and paste game which means that they copy the last game that was made and added a little more to it. I do not agree with him that much because you can only do so much with a first person shooter.  The people that say they hate the game are dumb because they don’t stop playing it. The game is all around fun, but I just played it too much. That does not mean that I will not get it later, but as of right now I’m not.

Can Not Get Off GTA 5

The day that I got online playing Grand Theft Auto 5 had me hooked. Of course I had to wait a while to play it because of the problem they had launching online. I would wait for the small chance to get online to just to try and play the game. The hard part was getting the tutorial done with, but when that was done it got a little easier to get online. My first impressions on playing the game is great all I do is random activities in the massive GTA world. I think that any game were you can steal a truck, and take some bikes to put in the truck and drive to the tallest mountain in the game and then ride the bikes down the mountain is just a great day in my book. The only thing I wish is that I played more missions before they patch the restart button and lowered the money for some missions.

Is zombies getting to hard on Call of Duty?

I am sort of new when it comes to “Call of Duty” zombies, I started playing zombies in COD (Call of Duty) black ops one. I enjoyed it very much, and I have great memory’s just meeting new people by playing a round of zombies, that is probably the way I met most of my friends on Xbox. I think that COD black ops 2 zombies is getting to hard because it takes a good amount of time to set up a good play through. Like in the new map “Origins” the player has to turn on six generators just to start up the pack-o-punch machine, also not to mention the ton of doors the player has to buy to get to them. By the time all of this is done it is round 10, and the player has spent most likely 9-15 minutes playing. After all of that the player has everything unlocked and can finally enjoy the map the right way. I’m not saying its bad or anything, its just really time consuming, especially when I unlock everything and everyone on the team dies, that is one of the worst feelings ever. The only option is just to restart the level, everything just takes to long. I remember when I played the old COD zombies maps it was all about just defending one room for awhile, and make sure that you have an assigned window. Then move to the mystery box and camp there, run to jug later and hope that you don’t get down. That was mostly it, just hanging out and shooting. It was simple, there were Easter eggs but not big ones that take hours to complete. I like doing the big Easter eggs some times, but not all the time. I think that in the new COD zombies they should put both types of levels, levels to kick back and hangout, and those really hard levels to do on occasion.